I am a PhD student at the RobotiCSS Lab.

I have a background in computer science and engineering. After an internship in robotics at the JRC - Ispra (VA), I worked in software engineering participating in EC-funded international research projects. I taught technology in school, where I coordinated the team for digital innovation. For several years I have been designing and conducting laboratories of educational robotics and artificial intelligence in schools and training courses for teachers.

My research interests concern philosophy of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, philosophy of Cognitive Sciences and Human-Robot Interaction.


My doctoral research focuses on human's understanding of robots. It starts with an analysis of the structure of people's mental models in their interactions with technologies, drawing on the philosophical literature on the structure of psychological explanations. Based on this theoretical framework, an empirical study will be conducted on school teachers' understanding of robots and the possible effects on teaching and learning.

Within the RobotiCSS Lab I am involved in

  • the PRIN 2022 project HERB - Human Explanation of Robotic Behaviour
  • the PRIN PNRR 2022 project Fostering STEM inclusion among girls with migrant background: the role of educational robots
  • the project Sviluppo e sperimentazione di un prototipo di assistente robotico destinato a persone nello spettro autistico - Development and trial of a robotic assistant prototype for people on the autistic spectrum, founded by Fondazione Cariplo

Publications/Participation in national and international conferences

Public engagement

Collaborazione al progetto "Alla scoperta degli Animali Robotici":  convegni di roboetologia del 20 Maggio 2023 (Magenta) e 22 Maggio 2023 (Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica Leonardo da Vinci, Milano - convegno ed evento finale)

Relatrice del seminario "I robot hanno una mente? Epistemologia e ontologia dell'interazione umani-robot" - Speaker at the seminar "Do robots have a mind? Epistemology and Ontology of Human-Robot Interaction" organised by the RobotiCSS Lab, 3 Dec 2022, I robot hanno una mente? | Dipartimento di Scienze Umane per la Formazione "Riccardo Massa" (unimib.it)

Conduttrice dell'experience "In viaggio con i bambini. Dietro le quinte di un'IA" organizzata dal RobotiCSS Lab per Milano Digital Week  2022, 12 Nov 2022, Milano Digital Week • In viaggio coi bambini. Dietro le quinte di un’IA